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✔ OmniAim Review 🤴🏻 | 500 Hours Of Cheating ✔

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First and foremost, I would like to save you time if you are just on the fence about buying- it's worth it. The cheat delivers in nearly any aspect you wish, the feature list is packed, has cheats exclusive to this brand, and is an all around solid cheat. Every feature is polished as well as it can be, and they truly do keep their word when they say it is not detected. I have played 19 competitive games using the cheat and am not banned, and those were all done in the span of 4 days so clearly I was not reported often if at all. I was never called out.

Aim: 8/10

Visuals: 10/10

Features: 10/10

Skins/Models: 9/10

Ease of GUI Use: 8/10

Ease of Installation and Injection: 10/10

Blatant: 7/10

Legit: 10/10

Happy hacking.


Edit-- I've now played over 50 competitive games, ranging from 3-6 per day. I have not been banned.

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