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My opinion on Omniaim

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Hello everyone,


after 2 weeks of using Omniaim i decided to say what i think about it.


  • Great legit features 
  • Aimbot and Triggerbot works like a charm
  • DangerZone item ESP
  • Beautiful Chams
  • Inventory Changer
  • Model Changer (i don't really use it but it works really good)
  • Visuals fully customizable
  • Sound ESP
  • Misc has useful features 
  • Cheap


  • Bad for Rage hacking (it is a hack aiming for legit hacking so that is completely fine)
  • Box ESP, Glow doesn't work in DangerZone (bug?)
  • Model Changer has no option to reset the models to their default csgo model (i didn't see any option for that or am i just blind as fuck)
  • Crashing problems started like 3 days ago (i hope it is going to get fixed real soon)

that is all i have to say about Omniaim.

I personally love this hack i'm only interested in legit cheating and Omni is perfect for that 

and for like 6.79€ or 7.99€ you can't make much wrong with your purchase of Omniaim (expect you want to rage)

About the crashing problems... i really hope it gets fixed as soon as possible because a lot of people paid for a full month or more and can't enjoy their whole time

and i hope we get back the time we lost because of this.

The last thing to say is big shoutout to the staff that is really active in the forum espacially @Bubbles and @JustAFlikker.



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