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  1. So first of all I want to make sure that everybody understands that I DO LIKE OMNIAIM, and I do NOT intend this to be hate or something like that. Rather I want to give my honest opinion about the cheat. So first of all I've played 350 hours with OmniAim. I started using Omniaim on a fresh new account without any games or minutes played on it. Here is my rating: Aimbot: 9/10 RCS: 9/10 ESP: 8/10 MISC: 7/10 SKIN-/INVENTORY CHANGER: 9/10 So you can see, that I really like and enjoyed using the cheat. I was there on the safe side of things. Then I used Chams, 0.6 RCS and some Skins. I played pretty normal I would say. I'll add my CFG for anybody whos interested to this Review. After all, OmniAim is a great cheat, but be careful of what youre doing. Cheers. Legit.ocfg
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