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  1. I haven't get a mention about that you got fired or took the decision by your self but thank you for taking time on the Omniaim platform, I hope you will stay active buddy! 

    Thank you for all your patience, help, respect to the users.

  2. 301 bad. Check tickets pls.

    1. PCGamer


      Only admins and moderators have access to view and reply to tickets.

  3. Hey Support, 

    How  can i fix Bad #Cattura.PNG.0d2e27caa314993fdeace1cbf99a8097.PNG301 Error ?

    1. PCGamer


      Create a support ticket please.

  4. how to get 5 day freE?

    1. JustAFlikker


      5 days free is not available anymore. 

  5. Are you here?

    1. Michael22


      hello my file is not working

    2. PCGamer


      @Michael22Hello, please use our chat system for support https://chat.omniaim.net/home or create a support ticket, here https://www.omniaim.net/support/

  6. Hey! Why i have this shit #301 error?

  7. Hey Support, 

    How  can i fix Bad #301 Error ?


  8. Hey Support, 

    How  can i fix Bad #301 Error ?


  9. Could you help please

  10. Can you give omniaim dicord please I have youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxAPCgnZmhmFvOF7mD7p0wg?view_as=subscriber I wan sponsor please!

    1. PCGamer



      We no longer have a discord server.

      You can open a ticket regarding being a sponser/making videos for us.


  11. I made the purchase of the hack and I did not receive the vip, I'm waiting, payment confirmed Monday.


    I made a purchase of the product and did not receive

  13. hey so why cannt i pay with paysafe anymore there is commingerror  

  14. Hi, can u send me the discord omniaim link? i cant find

    1. PCGamer



      We don't have a discord server anymore.

      Only the new chat system - https://chat.omniaim.net/home

      And obviously the support tickets.

  15. is the cheat detected?? I got banned without hacking in match making or even wingman...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cracky


      It wasnt used by someone else and how is it possible? I need tips I dont blame you for it, I just dont want it happens again

    3. PCGamer


      If you 100% DIDN"T use ANYTHING aka any cheats so there Is no way you would get banned.

      Are you sure It's a VAC ban?

      Very small chance that this Is related to VACNet.

    4. cracky


      Its not a vac but its a ow ban I think bcuz I used omniaim but I didnt play mm or wingman so how is it possible to get a ban then?

      I just played casual -> deathmatch and gun game 

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