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  1. Could you help please

  2. Can you give omniaim dicord please I have youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxAPCgnZmhmFvOF7mD7p0wg?view_as=subscriber I wan sponsor please!

    1. PCGamer



      We no longer have a discord server.

      You can open a ticket regarding being a sponser/making videos for us.


  3. I made the purchase of the hack and I did not receive the vip, I'm waiting, payment confirmed Monday.


    I made a purchase of the product and did not receive

  5. hey so why cannt i pay with paysafe anymore there is commingerror  

  6. Hi, can u send me the discord omniaim link? i cant find

    1. PCGamer



      We don't have a discord server anymore.

      Only the new chat system - https://chat.omniaim.net/home

      And obviously the support tickets.

  7. is the cheat detected?? I got banned without hacking in match making or even wingman...

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    2. cracky


      It wasnt used by someone else and how is it possible? I need tips I dont blame you for it, I just dont want it happens again

    3. PCGamer


      If you 100% DIDN"T use ANYTHING aka any cheats so there Is no way you would get banned.

      Are you sure It's a VAC ban?

      Very small chance that this Is related to VACNet.

    4. cracky


      Its not a vac but its a ow ban I think bcuz I used omniaim but I didnt play mm or wingman so how is it possible to get a ban then?

      I just played casual -> deathmatch and gun game 

  8. Dude, I got VAC banned.


  9. PCGamer

    OmniAim Super Spooky Giveaway

    Let's see who wins!
  10. +rep good sir

    1. PCGamer


      Haha, thanks my good mate!

  11. How everyone is doing?

  12. Hello, guys!