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  1. Completely random number generation. No admins/owners pick anything.
  2. Type: Giveaway


    • 4 Prizes
    • 400 Participants

    To show how much we appreciate everyone on our website, we will be giving away some OmniAim subscriptions. If you have won, make a support request to receive your prize.
  3. May bubles be ever in your favor. Or luck for that matter.
  4. Type: Giveaway


    • 31 Prizes
    • 753 Participants

    The OmniAim team have decided to give away around 30 CSGO keys, possibly even more! Each person who enters has the chance of winning one unused CSGO steam key. The giveaway end has been pushed back to 5/26 due to the cheat being down. The Raffle has ended! We will PM you with instructions and your key!
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