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  1. Thanks for the testimonial. I will see what I can do about what you're talking about.
  2. Thanks. Sorry about the bad first impression with the game update. This happens very infrequently and only when a large change occurs within the game.
  3. Thanks for the video review!
  4. Hi, thanks for the detailed review. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly by PMing me from our discord if you would like to tell me more specifically about how our staff behaves.
  5. Thanks for the honest review. If you have any problems with the cheat, make a support request at https://omniaim.net/support
  6. Thanks for the honest review. Regarding what you said about bans, we haven't had a detection since around late September of 2018. This may seem quite recent but I can assure you we have done alot in the meantime regarding security and anti-vac safety. Regarding what you said about people saying we are a paste, we have 10+ years combined experience making CSGO cheats. We have been transparent from the start of our past and that our menu was originally designed by myself, for another cheat site, before I started this site. The general pasted rumor was started by a youtube after it was found out that the cheat he sells (still) was a resell of an open source cheat at least at the beginning. There has been no evidence of any claims and we generally do not care to respond to such claims as they are always baseless and without evidence. Anyways, we appreciate what you said and your honesty!
  7. Thanks, we will definitely look into making some of the changes you suggested.
  8. Hi, thanks for the review. What kind of features do you think we are lacking? Also, regarding that ban, we have many staff members using the cheat daily and have clean accounts, so I can't really answer for that.
  9. Thanks for the detailed review, I have a couple of assertations. What resolution do you play at? Not sure what you're talking about with smokes. By default, the aimbot will not shoot through smokes. Also, I'm not sure of any legit reason you would want to shoot people behind walls. The reason for being able to disable the smoke check is due to the fact that smokes in csgo do not always cover a person, so a legit player if they know what they are doing, can spray smokes while still looking legit. What is the discrepancy between hops and jumps you are talking about? Are you saying that the current system just doesn't jump you x percent of times, while you would want it to simply miss the actual timing x percent of times? You can already modify the knife seeds directly through the menu. Also, the grenade cam is mainly to help train grenade throws, but with it, you can do it inside a match instead of having to mess around offline.
  10. clearly promoting himself... Thanks though.
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