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  1. Sup, my bro :)

    It's me PCGamer from discord.

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  4. I made the purchase through paysafe and so far I have not sent a ticket

  5. Hey Goku, What does it mean if the launch box on the injector is grayed out for all cheat options?
    I purchased yesterday and used it yesterday without any problems but today I cant get past the drop down menu on launcher.  

  6. Obeso

    Bro i pay the cheat with a paysafecard and i send the ticket plus 5 minutes and nothing.If you need the code I have. send pm pls

    1. Goku


      It takes time please wait 

    2. Obeso


      Plus 30 minutes?

  7. Hello can you help me ? https://ctrlv.cz/lgBE

    1. NarbeHerr


      for me it works then some days it doesn't what I do is Install it on the hard drive pull it out block the download then turn my pc off then come back 5 mins later it might work if not I repeat , if it doesn't work for you contact an admin


  8. sxmon

    It would be great if there is an option which allows us to buy the cheat for a lifetime subscription. I am looking to get this cheat for a lifetime as i believe it is a very good cheat based on youtube & internet reviews.

    1. Goku


      Please contact chris and just say i sent you

  9. Hello,i change email only why i losse my cheat?

    1. Goku


      what happened?

  10. gaga

    Hi mate , do you have any idea why is not working to move the cheat into my usb drive ?

    1. Goku


      Extra protection

  11. I ned help, Before contiunuing, please remove the usb which loader is on,the press ok. if window will not close beacause we couldn't  detect the usb being removed, please force close, please force close the loader and create a support request, cant lauch the cheat

    1. Goku


      remove usb first 

  12. Is there a problem with the loader? I cant open it.

    1. Goku


      should be ok now

    2. dandpool123


      It is thanks! :D

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