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  1. Due the time I become one of the most people.
    [BANNED] The picture shows u that I am banned by overwatch which makes 0 sense since I haven't cheat one time on this account until now cuz it was my recording's account for my FaceIT 1 - 10.

    - unknown.png

    This is not hate to omniaim.net as a supporter/employee but just to care of our users!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. xxxnull
    3. xxxnull


      omniaim will take update right?

    4. mysterybals


      i got false banned on an account where i opend cases all the time im sad i had my favorite ak neon rider :(


  2. Just to ask: Does any of our users having injecting problems when its injected that your (CSGO.exe) closes?

  3. Hello everyone, anyone who wants a update about Omniaim.net?

  4. Any hardware ID reset needed?
    Please create a DM with me and I'll forward your help to our administrators @Swagasaurus @NotChris @Tricky

    Please be patient!
    We're trying our best to create new updates with omniaim.net but since that we have also a rea life
    we're concentrating on that. - Thanks for understand everyone.

    A support employee do not have access threw https://omniaim.net/support/ Don't blaim me for no respond back.

    - Kind Regards,

    Employee of Omniaim.net

  5. I actually pooped in my pants, bye guys !

    1. JustAFlikker


      **For the young people**
      Don't take this serious, cuz u losing u'r mom.

    2. RedDemonz22
  6. So, anyone having issue's with injecting? 
    Let me know !

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    2. mysterybals
    3. StickyMan


      FAILED TO INITIATE A NETWORK CONNECTION i buy this cheat and i use 1 week because problems give me bonus days


    4. Roblocmanz


      This cheat has turned into a mess. Glad it ran out before all these errors

  7. Hi guys, how is everyone his day going?

    1. Spectr3


      can you check my suppor tticket? ❤️

    2. JustAFlikker


      Sorry, but I do not have permissions for the support-ticket, it seems like that I'm getting ignored by the admins here and there, but trying my best to getting access into it that I can do more support for you guys :) Hope @NotChris @Swagasaurus and @Tricky having a conversation soon :)

      - Regards

      Employee of Omniaim.net

  8. I only can mention for the users that I do not know any of the updates and if the developer is working hard to fixing it !

    1. RedDemonz22


      Works for me mate, idk why people are complaining 

    2. JustAFlikker


      I don't know myself, I am an active Supporter but not active cheat user, I ain't cheating myself officially, I am a Rank G player at ESEA and FaceIT: Level 8 now instead 10 ;( Sadly deranked, but not gonna pull my reputation off.

  9. For those with expired subs please open a ticket with the title "Expired Sub" and send us a screenshot of your "Manage Purchases" page.
  10. For those with expired subs please open a ticket with the title "Expired Sub" and send us a screenshot of your "Manage Purchases" page.

    1. CheatyS


      nvm I just saw my ticket was marked as resolved without an answer I guess that's a no. (edited)

    2. MarcosMLS1


      What lifetime? i dont see here?

  11. Hi, my sub expried while i couldn't use the cheat. When are you going to give my time back?

    1. JustAFlikker


      Check the last update about "Expired sub"

  12. Read my ticket please! ❤️

    1. JustAFlikker


      Sorry sir, but I do not have permissions for the ticket system.

  13. We are working on all subs, and we accept all respect and patient from our customers, excuse me and excuse us ! In the future we will make changes in our sub system and expiration. - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
  14. Hello man me hack expired while me account was froze can you help me no one answer me on support 

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    2. ToManTo


      I will hope it will resolve fast and i could play with them fast :) 


    3. ToManTo


      Bruh i know its hard but its already week that i didnt get me sub beacos it end when the accounts was frozed i want the hack beacos i cant ask for refund...

    4. JustAFlikker


      U got your back ;)

  15. Our cheat should we back and need to work for everyone. PS: Re-inject if u'r loader isn't working functional. Config(s) can be found or u can put your configs in %appdata% and folder: oa_configs - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
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