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  1. Hi guys, at the moment I do not have a status.
    Please be aware, and keep your self up2date.

    - King Regards,

    Employee of Omniaim.net

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    2. JustAFlikker


      I am always trying to do my best, but sadly I can't do more instead of saying people to wait, and helping them with further information that I can get from the higher staff. They promised me also stuff but I didn't got it, but still waiting on it.

      But I am glad to still help people.


    3. maff


      U cant do everything.. its normaly.. but the worst thing is that only u are literally active.

      Thanks for all your efforts ❤️

    4. xxxnull



  2. Hi this error keeps pop up for 2hrs now


    How to fix it?

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    2. iLoveMom


      kpl w8 = wait

    3. Pazzle


      Is there any result online yet?


    4. iLoveMom


      @PazzleStill down :( 

  3. is this cheat currently detected? 

    1. Sierra


      would be nice to know it.

    2. JustAFlikker


      From my position it was detected in a few parts but if this was an actually (Part of VALVE) I couldn't confirm since I have been banned on one of my accounts by (Valve anti-cheat) Instead a overwatch ban. - I am a honest employee and don't want to get rid of Omniaim.net but the customers need a honest review from an employee too. The cheat is suggested in case of (Un-trusted accounts like non-prime) But do not use it on PRIME not suggested from my opinion.

      - King Regards,

      Employee of Omniaim.net

  4. Btw guys,  forgot to mention.
    Happy new year everyone!

  5. Alright, so.
    There is a quite of people claiming that a few features ain't working, this is true! I would forward this to our developer @Bubbles and @Swagasaurus

    -> Again for the people who are using the ticket system, me as a support employee, don't have access into it!
    Send me a private message and I'll try to response soon/fast as possible. Since I have also a child and the party days are coming like old and new (New year) I have to say that the responses are slowler, sorry for this! ❤️

    I am also busy with my own (Kinda) Friends cheat. This is not a promotion to get rid of Omniaim.net and also not to get fired, this is just to mention you guys why I ain't responding to messages!

    - Regards,

    Employee of Omniaim.net

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    2. KOBRAmympw


      i talk with my friends 


    3. Xizz


      is the cheat overall working? or is it offline again. 
      if its online, what features are broken then atm

    4. JustAFlikker


      We are trying our best to fix it but u have to mention it to @Bubbles

  6. Anyone having troubles, or want to mention detecting features?

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    2. JustAFlikker


      I ain't the developer for this cheat and I would like to love help @Bubbles to update the cheat with a high range security level, but for now, we're trying our best to update it sir.

      - Kind Regards,

      Employee of Omniaim.net

    3. xxxnull


      Please ... press your superiors to update the cheat or better an improved version

    4. mysterybals


      mby just fix the shit that dont work like legit aa and clantag and the aa overall

  7. vac.thumb.PNG.872a0195c8acc4568e780365a4e9941b.PNG1704882456_vac1.thumb.PNG.356c1a0d5696bfdb838081c26174959b.PNG

    Men, I am worried and upset since I have been given VAC in a 9-year account to use and trust this trick, I bought it for a lifetime, as I trust. And now I don't feel scammed upset and bad about losing a 9-year account if you have any questions, I send you some photos. I would like you to answer some questions, please. Still serving the trick? Can you help me with the bad service I had? I don't know anything about an account because, as I say, I lost a lot in that account and it was very stealthy to use this program since it is a 9-year account. I hope you read it and answer me, not like the crap out there. Thank you

  8. All servers are back and cheat can be used.
    Loader of server must get a restart!

    - Regards,

    Employee of Omniaim.net

  9. Due the time I become one of the most people.
    [BANNED] The picture shows u that I am banned by overwatch which makes 0 sense since I haven't cheat one time on this account until now cuz it was my recording's account for my FaceIT 1 - 10.

    - unknown.png

    This is not hate to omniaim.net as a supporter/employee but just to care of our users!

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    2. xxxnull
    3. xxxnull


      omniaim will take update right?

    4. mysterybals


      i got false banned on an account where i opend cases all the time im sad i had my favorite ak neon rider :(


  10. Just to ask: Does any of our users having injecting problems when its injected that your (CSGO.exe) closes?

  11. Any hardware ID reset needed?
    Please create a DM with me and I'll forward your help to our administrators @Swagasaurus @NotChris @Tricky

    Please be patient!
    We're trying our best to create new updates with omniaim.net but since that we have also a rea life
    we're concentrating on that. - Thanks for understand everyone.

    A support employee do not have access threw https://omniaim.net/support/ Don't blaim me for no respond back.

    - Kind Regards,

    Employee of Omniaim.net

  12. I actually pooped in my pants, bye guys !

    1. JustAFlikker


      **For the young people**
      Don't take this serious, cuz u losing u'r mom.

    2. RedDemonz22
  13. So, anyone having issue's with injecting? 
    Let me know !

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. mysterybals
    3. StickyMan


      FAILED TO INITIATE A NETWORK CONNECTION i buy this cheat and i use 1 week because problems give me bonus days


    4. Roblocmanz


      This cheat has turned into a mess. Glad it ran out before all these errors

  14. Hi guys, how is everyone his day going?

    1. Spectr3


      can you check my suppor tticket? ❤️

    2. JustAFlikker


      Sorry, but I do not have permissions for the support-ticket, it seems like that I'm getting ignored by the admins here and there, but trying my best to getting access into it that I can do more support for you guys :) Hope @NotChris @Swagasaurus and @Tricky having a conversation soon :)

      - Regards

      Employee of Omniaim.net

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