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  1. can you unblock me on shout out box i just ask for help and someone  block me an tha time i dont know how to make help support if i do something wrong  i apologize and i am new here so i dont knwo anything about Omniam site but then i know how  to make suport  plss unblock me.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. XxNoScopexX


      iw ant talk in Shoutout box

      unblock me 


    3. n a m e

      n a m e

      As I Said Before Shoutbox Is Not For Support.

    4. XxNoScopexX


      so you not gonna unblock me lol okay 


  2. hey once you are online , can you msg me on discord plez :) 

  3. bro when the cheat go work? Can u say me please


    1. n a m e

      n a m e

      If Everything Goes Right It Should Be Up Next Week.

  4. This Cheat So Gucci I Rebought It 3 Times <^3 Use Code Steeve For 10% Off! Cheat 11/10 I Recommend It For Poor And Bad People Like Me. Aimbot - 16/10 Walls - 18+/6.0 Inv Changer - 12/3 Profile Changer - <^3 Rage - Wait What?
  5. Code Steeve on every site that google has to offer yes yes.

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