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  1. as long as you open a ticket this will be fixed asap. (unless and i hope you already did)
  2. ive opened my dms for basic support i wont respond fast but it would be faster then tickets
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    omniaim accounts
  4. happy to hear it! thanks!
  5. thanks for the review! we are happy to hear it
  6. thanks for the very simplistic review! lol
  7. thanks so much for the review the only thing i must disagree on is the "ban" depending on when you bought the csgo account around 6 months ago there was an update to vac we dident catch it for around 24/48 hours if you injected any cheat in this time frame you would have gotten banned. also the 6 months ago is just a guess im not 100% sure the exact time anyhow very nice review thanks!
  8. thanks for the honest review!
  9. your injecting code into the game so no matter what you use yes you can get banned
  10. we (at this time) are not a rage cheat. also we use to have legit aa to combat this however due to valve patching this it makes it useless.
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    Omniaim Lifetime AND Steam Accounts giveaway
  12. thanks for the review but why would you ever bind trigger bot and aimbot to the same key?
  13. whats wrong with the visuals? and thats why we add _omni to the end of all our models so you can search and find them easier however thanks for the review!
  14. i want my giveaway @Memes
  15. thankls for the review, legit aa needs work
  16. thanks! <3 means alot to here you enjoy it
  17. a "rage cheat" has much more then a "spin bot" you need a resolver aas auto-wall min wall damage min hit chance hell there is a ton of things you need saying add a simple "spin bot" like sure we can add that, HOWEVER it would be useless.
  18. thanks for being so honest! most people would lie even if they hate the cheat. if you wanna work with us on making the cheat better staff is just a click away!
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