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    Thanks for the review! Unfortunately, there is no way for us to make the loader work without being run with Administrator privileges. If you need support, remember to create a support ticket. Also, we recommend looking over your Dad's shoulder the next time he types in the Administrator password!
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    The cheat is back online! There is a new loader so you will need to redownload the cheat with the orange button on the home page. Instructions for use: Open the loader. Login with your email/password. Launch CS:GO. Click the "Launch" button in the loader. Remove the USB. We can't apologize enough for the downtime, but unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way. Thank you for continuing to support us.
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    20/09/2019 - 1:00 UTC+ Timezone, Amsterdam, Berlin. - CHEAT STATUS: MAINTENANCE
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    Thank u for the 120+ Members in my Legit hacking group and status group ! Thank u for the 92 reputation points ! Thank u for 10 days wins. Thank u for being a part of almost 2 years. And thank u for almost 6000 people who watched my profile and 77 who following me ! I never thought before that I could help a lot of people like y'all or like the most on omniaim and I am proud on myself that I am still here and that u guys are happy for all support, of course, the opinions changes for people but this is because that our cheat is **OFFLINE** Due the overtime because Valve/CSGO made a amount of updates and we want to give the best undetected cheat ! I hope for any understanding and respect behind it, and I want to thank everyone for their patient until now also. Please and keep waiting patiently because the cheat is coming soon, for now I can't give a exact date but prob in about 1-2 weeks I can. Again, thank u so much ! - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net Almost 2 years an employee for Omniaim.net
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    Dear everyone, We taking a look on the cheat and trying to fix the issues, sorry for all common issues for the past days now. I hit up @NotChris and @Bubbles with this and our head-developer Bubbles will get into it when he is back at home or awake ! CHEAT STATUS: MAINTENANCE
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    The cheat is actually relly good for that price. I tested the cheat onec becouse I dont have admin perms so I cant relly inject the cheat without my dad, only one problem that I got is that stuff said that I dont need admin perms, he probobly read it wrong so I will not hate it (I hope that I can refound the cheat or bettern that I get loader that doesnt need admin perms), i love the aimbot options and the model changer and for that price its p100. I hope thay added the edge jump, so u can look even more legit. Guys just buy this cheat, its op.
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    Status of the OMNIAIM Cheat. - CRASHING - LOG (NO FIX) - Injecting is possible but by joining a (GAME) (MAP) You will crash. Understand that you need to have patient, don't bother other community members or employee's from Omniaim! If there's anything that I can do for you outside of this situation, please contact me at: https://chat.omniaim.net/ Problems that you or others can't find/fix? Please create a support ticket: https://omniam.net/support/ PS: I'm not a employee from/for omniamnet Just a regular voluntary.
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    Status of the OMNIAIM Cheat. - CRASHING - LOG (NO FIX) The coder is still busy to check this issue! Please be patient.
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    I think this cheat has one of the most user friendly UI's, It is very easy to use, staff respond to support tickets quickly and It has many features. I did the survey and got the 5 free days of OmniAim, this was very useful to me because I was contemplating for almost a week whether it would be worth spending money on something so trivial like a csgo cheat, when I got the 5 free days I had no issues whatsoever, it is a very solid cheat with many good features, and when my 5 days is up I will definitely buying it for real, as I feel like this is worth the money, in fact, it's worth more than it's being charged for. Stop paying for Aimware and Skeet, do yourself a favor and buy OmniAim
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    WELCOME TO MY OMNIAIM REVIEW! (SHORT) ABOUT: OmniAim is in my Opinion a good cheat. I know its gets detected often and all that and some people say its a PASTE . But to be honest i tested much cheats (Aimware,Inuria and some other) and i can say every cheat wich is populair gets detected often! i got banned now with omni 2 times on prime and i still bought it again because its beatifull designed the support is great and all that. It can be paste i am not shure but i know that the coders from Omni can code. or i guess they can 😂. CHEAT: Omni is my favorite Legit hack. it looks beautifull and got amazing fetures as i said in about
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    Dear everyone, I understand the frustration and I would to like if u guys can wait patiently. Updating a cheat cost a lot of time and due the time We want to place a good position undetected cheat. Our developer(s) Is working on it, and testing every feature ! When the cheat is back, I can't tell, for now we all have to wait, include me also. - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
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    Hi, I want to pay my cheat via PayGol and after doing the captcha on paygol it just says "wrong service" as an error and i cant go further. Can someone help me about this?
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    I love this cheat so much! The price is amazing for what the product offers and I would love to see this cheat expand in features and as a community!
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    Any problems? Be positive and be relative by contacting one of our staff members. U can always DM me. Respond reaction time: 8-24 hours.
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    hey i cant buy ur hack , it says "(2) wrong service"
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    Hey Support, How can i fix Bad #301 Error ?
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    Crash issue: We are aware of an intermittent crashing issue and it seems to be caused by various random and unrelated things. We are currently looking into it. If you are experiencing this issue please attempt to re-launch multiple times. In addition if someone could come forward with a short video of them injecting with the cheat crashing that would be extremely helpful. Lastly if your sub expired while they were frozen please let us know. We will be keeping them frozen for the next week while we iron out any bugs that may be present. - Team Omniaim
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    Is the cheat still not working?
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    Dear users, First of all I want to mention, thank you for waiting, and reporting the subscriptions error. We have looked at it and all people who have lost their subscription after the maintenance get it back within 24 hours, isn't this so? Create a support ticket via: https://omniaim.net/support/ **CHEAT UPDATE** As you have noticed we have been offline for a while, but this is for a special reason! We are working hard to improve our qualities but also to get everything working again behind the scenes. We will start testing the internal side this week, Also the back-end testing and if all goes well the cheat should be back soon and to remind you guys that your subscriptions are still paused so you are not losing any time now ! I'm definitely thinking and our head-corner team is thinking that we are releasing it before November but depends on how the internal tests is going ! If this is all going, then the staff is gonna test the cheat out and if all is good, we gonna open it ! I hope this is good news for everyone, and I thank @Swagasaurus for having a conversation with me about the cheat ! We're still busy behind the scenes. **PayPal** More information about why our method has been removed will come soon, but for now we will keep this behind us. Thank you for taking time ! Any questions related on this ? Please send me an message or create a support ticket - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
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    Error is back and forwarding this too @Bubbles Look at my CLUBS and follow my (Legit cheating)
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    21/09/2019 - 1:00 UTC+ Timezone, Amsterdam, Berlin. [TIME: 22:33 PM] - CHEAT STATUS: MAINTENANCE **Any other questions** Ticket support: https://omniaim.net/support/ Or u can privately message me and telling me your issue ! Time for respond back at the most of the time between 24-48 hours. - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
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    I'll try my best to respond at everyone, keep your self in position patient and wait smoothly ! (Please be specific when you DM me or when u creating a Support ticket)
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    21/09/2019 - 1:00 UTC+ Timezone, Amsterdam, Berlin. - CHEAT STATUS: MAINTENANCE @Bubbles When our head-developer is online, the cheat will get a new update ! Stay tuned guys. Please be aware of someone that tries to steal your information, I still got the name mentioned but I will update u guys on this. Trying to impersonate our Co-owner @NotChris Via discord messages. Do not forget ! We never asking for credentials and everything will be filled by an Admin via the support ticket. - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
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    Dear everyone, Sorry for no responses, a long time ago I couldn't login onto my omniaim.net account, today my NASA discord account got permanently disabled, I am trying to re-check this out and trying to get my account back un-disabled. - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
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    Very nice cheats, im recommened to buy it. Aimbot , WH, Triggerbot is cool.Bunnyhop is normal its very good. Aimbot: 10/10 Walls: 10/10 Misc: 10 / 10 Triggerbot: 10 / 10 Inventory + Profile Changer : 10/9
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    First and foremost, I would like to save you time if you are just on the fence about buying- it's worth it. The cheat delivers in nearly any aspect you wish, the feature list is packed, has cheats exclusive to this brand, and is an all around solid cheat. Every feature is polished as well as it can be, and they truly do keep their word when they say it is not detected. I have played 19 competitive games using the cheat and am not banned, and those were all done in the span of 4 days so clearly I was not reported often if at all. I was never called out. Aim: 8/10 Visuals: 10/10 Features: 10/10 Skins/Models: 9/10 Ease of GUI Use: 8/10 Ease of Installation and Injection: 10/10 Blatant: 7/10 Legit: 10/10 Happy hacking. Edit-- I've now played over 50 competitive games, ranging from 3-6 per day. I have not been banned.
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    Hi everyone! Long time ago that I wrote on my own page. I've got a few followers and a lot of members in my Club. Thank y'all for joining and following me.
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    Yes guys! Almost my birthday, and this JustAFlikker is 21 years then. I'm a old man, and we all know, haha. Anyways! Already thanks for all birthday messages ❤️
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    Dear users, Of course, I understood your frustration but the CODER (Lead-developer) Is working on this. Be patient! All days will be filled into your date of expiration and getting that day back I think but I can't promise because I am not a employee of Omniaim. Understand that it takes a lot of time to check this out. Any help needed? Please go to https://chat.omniaim.net/ Or take the choice by making a ticket: https://omniam.net/support/ - Regards JustAFlikker
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    Today, I had a beautiful day. Finally heard that the person who screw my car and stolen everything have been arrested and got in jail for a few days, no more information they spread to me because they aren't permitted. - Regards JustAFlikker
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    when i launch omniaim it gets stuck on the logo fading in and out from gray to black
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    Dear users, As many people known that I am a BIG relevant cheater and also one of the biggest but since a couple years I took the decision by giving my KING head too someone else around the hackers community. Day: November, 12th 2018: The day November, 12th at 16:45 PM, Dutch Time, I took the decision too buy the cheat and playing with it. At the most of my team I haven't used the whole cheat but I had too! 😉 So, let's give first of all my points. Legit cheating: 7/10 ✔ My opinion: I think the aura around F.O.V is very stable and you can also set precisely with OMNIAIM what your playing priority is! Set your own priorities. Feeling comfortable! Easy MENU. Easy to hide! Hard cheating: 4/10 ✘ My second opinion: As I have heard, OMNIAIM is really made specifically for LEGIT hacking in the game, but it is certainly trying to develop here and there for HvH people around the community. Also about the AA (Anti-AIM) I was going to test but unfortunately I do not find the reaction time fast enough to use this in battles such as (HvH). Set your own setting is 100% easy. For myself I haven't felt that comfortable! Menu/Organization is kind of awesome. Of course we all know that OMNIAIM is very cheap for what you get and I sometimes think they should even have their prices up! But for now it is good enough to say that OMNIAIM is recommended for (Legit) Hacking and that I will also make a promotional video about it on my channel and instagram. Unfortunately I cannot advertise my own video, I will ask permission from one of the staff members! To continue with staff members and support. **Website related OMNIAIM** I have noticed on several occasions that staff members do not help you well and I think this is a great pity! Points I have noticed in these coming couple months that I am a (VIP) User. Reaction of (SUPPORT) isn't that much quality. Reaction from some staff members are disrespectful. Activity for a large team at OMNIAIM is not really active in my own perspective. Staff members look at messages but sometimes do not respond to them! Of course I understand that you (Employee) are not paid. PS: I am not sure if they will be paid, but I will mention this! Let's continue: and of course you are not obliged to do your work as you do this voluntarily, but voluntary work is the choice that you ultimately make when you join the team. I sometimes notice that no respect is given to the users and that you really have to have a BAND with the team before you are helped with respect .. Of course not everyone is the same and everyone has their own SHOW to mention something but this fell for MY perspective! **IDEA'S** See who will fire you and who is also suitable for the team! Give others opportunities to prove themselves. Perhaps you can make an OPTION that at the start of the CHEAT you can choose which activating button you want to use such as. - INSERT, CAPS, NUM LOCK, SOME NUM PADS. Try to pull out your strength and come across spontaneously with the CHEAT, but don't make it HYPED enough! I do not mean anything bad about do not HYPE it but its for your own security Make a test package where you can use OMNIAIM for 10 hours by seeing what it can do to make it easier for new members to choose. Try to use your capacities well as a team but also as a website. I notice that sometimes the organization is not really top about categorization. If you want to earn extra money make a (FaceIT and / or ESEA private client) What you can buy for 450 $ for example. Also try to give instagram accounts the chance by promoting you and giving them a package Create an extra page with (Apply for content) as an example. I hope I have provided enough information? Are you interested in more posts from me and also as a personal person! Contact me and follow me to stay informed. For any support you can always go to: https://chat.omniaim.net/ -> Does omniaim really work for you as a legit cheater... - Regards JustAFlikker Not a worker/employee for OMNIAIM, everything what I do is voluntary.
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    Thanks for the kind words!
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    I like it. Has many legit and some rage features although certain features may need some work/better tweaking. Overall, I would recommend if you are interested in legit hacking, this is the place to start. I have had basically no problems with the menu and the few I've had have been fixed quickly. The Last detection was more than six months ago so as long as you're good at cheating you won't get banned (I have had only three Overwatch bans in the past six months). Some advice if you decide to try it, start with a 1 month subscription. 8.69420666/10* GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! -Carzon *keep in mind this is the first cheat I have used
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    So I have used omniaim for about a month about 4-5 months ago and rebought it this month when I wanted to fuck with cs both in and out of f2p I had a super rough time when I bought it because cheat engine trigged a ban and im fucking stupid and forgot to close it, on top of that i use my phone so that made it even more confusing. BUT that has all been resolved and it works flawlessly now with using a vpn on injecting. "thanks again support" anyway onto the review first off Esp: It's good for what it is cs:go has some weird stuff with walls always has and sometimes they dont render until your close enough. BUT it never once has caused issues. theres a very nice selection of options and toggles for vision as well that is VERY nice i do like the charm look on some other clients and how they handle the models but its fine. not much more i could ask probably an 9/10 "would be 10/10 with the charm models being more, textured sorta? idk the term" aimbot/assistance: oh boy LOADS of options and very good in my opinion. recently legit aa has been fixed and its a damn shame. aimbot and assistance as a whole to ME is flawless 10/10 Other things/notes: grenade view seems a bit laggy but its whatever. model and inven changer are fucking amazing and i love them. dont wanna cheat without them. there really isn't much i can say is BAD about omniaim i do really enjoy it there is just ONE but. and that BUT is something that has been talked about on and off. its omniaim in hvh. omniaim wasn't really ever intended to be used for hvh and thats why things like spinbot just arnt in the cheat and that for me is fine. "most the time" i like to have the ability to sorta at least to some degree protect myself from spinners. so things like fake lag would be nice and legit aa in some way would be nice. there is one thing that is inplimented that i feel is a urgent fixed and that is the option to auto wall. and just how the cheat handles when to shoot and what though. theres many spots in say dust 2 where the cheat THINGS it can wallbang. and it cant. thats VERY bad for hvh basically the only fault i have with it at all. ANYWAY thanks for reading my review if i have anything to add ill update it later. P.S. ive never been vac banned using omniaim on 3 accounts and never been overwatch banned "dont be stupid and dont play stupid"
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    Hello ! I'm here to post my review for the cheat "OmniAIM" I like OmniAim is a very good for legit/ obivious hacking but we can't rage hack and that is very very bad because we can't rage hack on free acc Please add fast a rage option (Anti AIM) Thank s you for read If u want to view a video Obivious Hacking with My config (3 hrs to make this cfg) :
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    thanks so much for the review the only thing i must disagree on is the "ban" depending on when you bought the csgo account around 6 months ago there was an update to vac we dident catch it for around 24/48 hours if you injected any cheat in this time frame you would have gotten banned. also the 6 months ago is just a guess im not 100% sure the exact time anyhow very nice review thanks!
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    With only legitbot in non-prime you can't fight with antiaim .So is useless.You need to add something to fix this
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    Omniaim is good cheat but if some one is rage hacking he onetap you every time 6/10
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    can you guys fix the butterfly animation bug plz its haves the 2nd animation but it doesent have the pramary plz fix it tnxs continue with great job
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