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    Hi this error keeps pop up for 2hrs now How to fix it?
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    Hi guys, at the moment I do not have a status. Please be aware, and keep your self up2date. - King Regards, JustAFlikker. Employee of Omniaim.net
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    Btw guys, forgot to mention. Happy new year everyone!
  4. 1 point
    I love this cheat so much! The price is amazing for what the product offers and I would love to see this cheat expand in features and as a community!
  5. 1 point
    I joined this cheat on Paril 14th and i never got banned with the Cheat it is pretty good so far. I never get called out by other Teammates or the Enemy Team with my Config so here are my Ratings Rage 3/10 : Mainly its not a Rage Cheat its more like a Legit cheat and this is the only thing im here for Legit Cheating and not for Rage Legit 10/10 : I never get called out by others with my Config when you play right and clean with a good smooth and a good self aim you prob will never get banned by OW Aimbot 9/10 The Aimbot is very Smooth and look realy clean on the replay Triggerbot 8/10 Sometime it Shoots but doesnt hit but thats like 2% every time that is misses Skinchanger / Inv Changer 10/10 : Its the Best one i've ever seen better then every other cheat Modelchanger 9/10 : Pretty good handling and good selection of skins you have implemented Overall 10/10 : This Cheat is for me the Best and most undetected Cheat i've ever used So Thanks Omni for the Half Cheat of Good experience and I hope it will be safe in Half a year too ~Sweyy
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