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  4. I just keep getting the same error I've downloaded every file I need too all 3 of them but my error reads "The code execution cnnot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program my fix this problem.
  5. Hello omniaim users, how are you all doing today.

    I just wanted to say, hello.

  6. 301 bad. Check tickets pls.

    1. PCGamer


      Only admins and moderators have access to view and reply to tickets.

  7. Earlier
  8. Dear users from omniaim, 
    Didn't you join my LEGIT (FaceIT) Hacking group? 
    Join it now! 


    Want to talk about legit hacking/settings, you can always post a reaction and people can react on you and quote ur message. 

    Thanks for all support :)
    Thanks for all congratulations. 

    Many asked me how old I am. 
    Age: 21

  9. @Lumi is a good meme he fat 😧
  10. Finally! 
    A post in my own CHEATERS (CSGO) LEGIT group. 


  11. This is a TOPIC where you can put all of your (ONLY) Legit review in. Give your experiences about the cheat, what have to change, what must be needed for the cheat. (Do not blame other people) Respect other their opinion! My review about omniaim: Any help needed? Please create a support ticket at https://omniaim.net/ Or go to https://chat.omniaim.net/ - Regards JustAFlikker
  12. I finally can say that I'm a employee of https://omniaim.net/ 
    Thank you for the whole highest staff-team's to hire me and I hope we have a nice future together. 

    Anyways, how is it going with everyone? 
    I'm interested! 

    - Regards 

  13. Yes guys! 
    I finally can mention that the live-support is back online! 


  14. I got a response from @NotChris
    With the following mention: The OVH (VPS) (Virtual Private Server) 
    Is not getting paid and have been shutdowned. 

    - chat.omniaim.net Will be online in a few days! 

  15. Yes guys! 
    Almost my birthday, and this JustAFlikker is 21 years then. 
    I'm a old man, and we all know, haha. 
    Anyways! Already thanks for all birthday messages ❤️

  16. A new topic guys! 
    -> Why is the live-support chat offline? 


  17. Goodmorning, Evening, Afternoon, Night,Midnight everyone. 
    I'm going to sleep right now! Took a whole day by helping OMNIAIM users ;)


    Have a nice day!

  18. I hope everyone has a well day, and also a well finally day with the cheat! 
    If there's anything, please contact from DM's or chat.omniaim.net 

    - Regards 

  19. Status cheat: Everything should be fixed now and all omniaim users can use the cheat again. 
    Any problems? Go to chat.omniaim.net or create a ticket at: https://omniaim.net/support/ 

    Thank you for all support and love!

  20. New update! 
    Bubbles said: Sorry, just got home, working on it now.

    Cheating status= Updating cheat now! 
    Photo of my conversation: f088d1b33cb53fa35dc71d775039919e.png

    If there's anything that I can do for you outside of this situation, please contact me at:

    Problems that you or others can't find/fix? Please create a support ticket: https://omniam.net/support/ 

    PS: I'm not a employee from/for omniamnet 
    Just a regular voluntary.

    1. AdminS12



    2. Purpl3x8


      Finally! Haha Thx for keeping us updated bro.

    3. JustAFlikker


      You're welcome @Purpl3x8 I'm glad to help people out here ;)

  21. Status of the OMNIAIM Cheat. 

    - Injecting is possible but by joining a (GAME) (MAP) You will crash. 
    Understand that you need to have patient, don't bother other community members or employee's from Omniaim! 

    If there's anything that I can do for you outside of this situation, please contact me at:

    Problems that you or others can't find/fix? Please create a support ticket: https://omniam.net/support/ 

    PS: I'm not a employee from/for omniamnet 
    Just a regular voluntary.

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    2. chino12


      Friend take your time, but give a solution soon because I have few days of use, and I still do not receive my monthly payment to be able to renew the cheat
    3. JustAFlikker


      Hi buddy, I think all times that the cheat were offline will be added. 
      I can't say anything about that. Maybe @NotChris can answer that.

    4. chino12



      Oh, yes, I understand, just keeping us informed if there are problems solved, THANKS

  22. What a good lad.

  23. thanks for the updates :)

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    2. mikoboy69







    3. mathew045


      Have you considered trying to become staff for Omni, you're a great member of the community and would be perfect for support?

    4. mikoboy69


      is the cheat still down


  24. Status of the OMNIAIM Cheat. 

    The coder is still busy to check this issue! 
    Please be patient.

  25. in Inglish: I do not do this, I do not close and I did not delete anything ... it just closes, and it was after the update of 03/29/2019. What should I do?
  26. Dear users, 
    Of course, I understood your frustration but the CODER (Lead-developer) Is working on this. 
    Be patient! All days will be filled into your date of expiration and getting that day back I think but I can't promise because I am not a employee of Omniaim. 
    Understand that it takes a lot of time to check this out. 

    Any help needed? Please go to https://chat.omniaim.net/ 
    Or take the choice by making a ticket: https://omniam.net/support/ 

    - Regards 


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    2. JustAFlikker


      Of course it's a joke! 
      But thats what your payment also says to buy a CHEAT #OOF :)
      Go to sleep you little strawberry.

    3. AdminS12


      Okay fine. BUT one last question, are you trying to become staff at Omni? if so i really would commend/recommend you. Youre doing part of their job most of the time as i see!


    4. JustAFlikker


      Hey buddy! 
      I'm trying to help Omniaim employee team because I've seen that the most of inactive or not doing their jobs! So I took the decision from myself (Voluntary) To help people. 
      I do not care that much about if I have a Support or Moderator rank or anything in that case but of course I appreciate always to being an employee. 

      I'm here to glad help people and that I can get a nice reputation of course!

      Thank you for sending a message and being interested in this.

  27. galera, meu cs go fecha sozinho, não aparece erro nem nada... apenas fecha, e foi após a atualização do dia 29/03/2019. O que devo fazer?
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