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  5. Hello everyone, as you've seen, I'm active again, excuse me for the last common inactivity's sometimes. 

    Dear users,

    Since a couple months we are not using https://chat.omniaim.net/ (Live support) Much what means 
    that you'll suggested to contact us from https://omniaim.net/support/ Or contact me or one of the other Employee's.

    I hope for any understanding. 
    Thank you or reading and taking time and I wish y'all a nice day. 

    - Regards

    Employee o Omniaim.net

  6. I also wanna buy but i dont have any payment options other than CSGO Skins
  7. Earlier
  8. Hello everyone, didn't you already joined my clubs? 
    No, didn't you?! 

    Do it now! 
    Check first our discussion page -> 

    Understand that my clubs is not affiliated with the official Omniaim.net website, its hosted by my own. 
    Follow the rules in my CLUB. Do not forget to follow me at my own page because I've seen that many people forgetting this :P 

    ❤️ Thanks for all support/love in these last days. 


    - Regards

    Employee of Omniam.net

  9. hi


  10. Hi everyone! Long time ago that I wrote on my own page. 
    I've got a few followers and a lot of members in my Club. Thank y'all for joining and following me.

  11. Rip to my account today :(

    wasnt even blatant but hey thats life 

    1. Deathonation


      what happened?

  12. Dear everyone, 
    @Bubbles is going update the LOADER in a few hours, have a patient please. I think all loses of hours will be added. (There is not a 100% sure)
    If you have any other questions please re-direct your question in our DM on chat.omniaim.net or omniaim.net (Private DM's)

    - Regards

    Employee of Omniaim.net

    1. Overplay3


      how long will it take to compose the cheats error to always close the game

  13. First of all, from our perspective, we want to apologize to all crashes, on behalf of some updates from Counter Strike: Global Offensive Team, most modification platforms are infected which means that an update must be made and you cannot use the cheat.

    From now on I can state that everything is arranged and that you know you can play official competitive games, community servers and more.

    - FACEIT
    - ESEA
    - PVPRO + MORE

    Thank you for taking time and for the patience everyone! 
    Thank you for @Bubbles to take time for us. 

    - Regards

    Employee of Omniaim.net

  14. Due the new updates we have to update our cheat! Be patience.
    Keep my profile up2date! 

    - Regards

    Employee of Omniaim.net

  15. I haven't get a mention about that you got fired or took the decision by your self but thank you for taking time on the Omniaim platform, I hope you will stay active buddy! 

    Thank you for all your patience, help, respect to the users.

  16. Discussion - Topic created in my own CLUB. 


  17. Hi everyone! Simple message. This is a Discussion - Topic thread. Here you can create your own discussion and argue with others. Understand! You have to follow some rules. 1. Do not disrespect other omniaim users. 2. There are lines for jokes, don't be extremely racist. 3. Do not impersonate someone. 4. Do not threat someone! 5. And have fun on our platform! I hope you understand all of my rules on this thread. Anyways! Thank you for the 25 members in: CS:GO - Cheaters (Legit) I appreciate your help, and patience. If there's anything that I can do for you, just hit me up in DM's. I'm not that active in chat.omniaim.net anymore this is because of my private life! But sometimes I'll be online. - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
  18. New Video is on

  19. luv yu al

  20. I just keep getting the same error I've downloaded every file I need too all 3 of them but my error reads "The code execution cnnot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program my fix this problem.
  21. Pls help me 


  22. Hello omniaim users, how are you all doing today.

    I just wanted to say, hello.

  23. 301 bad. Check tickets pls.

    1. PCGamer


      Only admins and moderators have access to view and reply to tickets.

  24. Dear users from omniaim, 
    Didn't you join my LEGIT (FaceIT) Hacking group? 
    Join it now! 


    Want to talk about legit hacking/settings, you can always post a reaction and people can react on you and quote ur message. 

    Thanks for all support :)
    Thanks for all congratulations. 

    Many asked me how old I am. 
    Age: 21

  25. @Lumi is a good meme he fat 😧
  26. Finally! 
    A post in my own CHEATERS (CSGO) LEGIT group. 


  27. This is a TOPIC where you can put all of your (ONLY) Legit review in. Give your experiences about the cheat, what have to change, what must be needed for the cheat. (Do not blame other people) Respect other their opinion! My review about omniaim: Any help needed? Please create a support ticket at https://omniaim.net/ Or go to https://chat.omniaim.net/ - Regards JustAFlikker
  28. I finally can say that I'm a employee of https://omniaim.net/ 
    Thank you for the whole highest staff-team's to hire me and I hope we have a nice future together. 

    Anyways, how is it going with everyone? 
    I'm interested! 

    - Regards 

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