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  4. I am missing several days of subscription due to the error (failed to initiate a connection network) want my days or refund pls help me bro

  5. I am missing several days of subscription due to the error (failed to initiate a connection network) want my days or refund 

  6. Earlier
  7. can you explain why it fails to iniate network connection???

    1. Drezax


      Same I bought the cheat today and now I cant use it I want a fix or a refund 

  8. So hello, is there any chance to get refunded ? Bcs cheat is not working, fast reaload is not working right, aimbot is missing, night mode not is not working.
  9. When I buy the cheat it gives me this error "(2) Wrong service"
  10. why failed to initiate network connection omniaim?

    1. Dragonpl0719


      Yes, why failed to initiate network connection omniaim ?? I buy today cheats and not working, where is my money ??. This cheat is scam ??

    2. OGWeed


      same i just bought the cheat same day i posted this comment

    3. Ex1uts


      failed to initiate a network connection why my money?


  11. Toxic


  12. and me also you fix?the problem
  13. Failed to initiate a network connection :( is the cheat down again?!, i spend some money here.. :(

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    2. damons1854


      i can dont open omniam is network conntening waht is this ?

    3. damons1854


      i have problem with cheat i can dont start omniam its failed to network connetion its defekt this cheat ?

    4. Sh4d0w1337


      This is a dead cheat brother

  14. when i open launcher :failed to initiate a network connection

  15. ive been a member of omniaim since 2018. it used to be so easy to get in contact with mods to be able to purchase omni through steam cards or csgo skins. now i can't get in contact with anyone so i cannot purchase the cheat. i have 7$ in skins i would like to buy a 30 day sub with. can anyone help me or link me to the current discord/chatroom of omniaim? thanks:(
  16. Hello.! The hack doesn't work again.

  17. Excuse me, my problem is that with each launch of the launcher this error appears: Failed to initiate a network connection. can you help me because i haven't been able to play for 2 days --' Thanks 

    1. Okoniak



      server is currently down, we have to wait

  18. Hi my problem is  failed to initiate a network connection.

    1. Okoniak



      server is currently down, we have to wait

  19. I have the same problem
  20. Network connetion error. PLS FIX IT

    1. Darkside


      Yeah, mine dosnt work either :(


  21. GuPinheiro


    i bought the 60 days and made the money transfern but i didnt get anything
  22. guy

    Help me already!

    So i bought the cheats when they were down for 1 month so i didnt get to used them. can you help me and give me back like you said?? PROOF!: https://prnt.sc/q3zpey https://prnt.sc/q3zpey https://prnt.sc/q3zpey
  23. When i start the cheat it says that the connection failed.When are you gonna fix this problem?

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    2. GERWANT


      fuck this

    3. JustAFlikker


      Before you even pay, check our forums and topics.

    4. LVAIM


      antes de pagar, não tem como visualizar o fórum

  24. My aimbot and chat is not workins. can you contact me on discord. Didde #8496

  25. Hello i have this problem 


    1. JustAFlikker


      This means that our server is offline, sadly enough our developer(s) aren't working on it because they're busy in real life but I will do my best to get in touch with them and talking about this. I hope @Tricky is accepting my friend request on Discord that me and him can talk because this is sad for everyone for every customer(s). This brings our reputation down and that is not what I wanted.

    2. tattlebag


      guesse the servers are down again...


      Screenshot (24).png

  26. Yes, I am back!
    I've been out of a whole weeks due the reason of being busy with my workshops, giving lessons about ethical hacking on university's and been on travel. -

    I'll check all DMs today and trying to figure some stuff out!

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    2. JustAFlikker


      I am trying to connect them but there is no respond coming from them, my old discord has been suspended what means that I not have them on this one what means that I couldn't get in touch.. Trying my best!

    3. xxxnull


      Thank you for not abandoning us 

    4. JustAFlikker


      I want the best for everyone and that is what I try to fix!

  27. help i have failed to intiate a network connection

  28. When i try to open the launcher, this message box shows up!
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