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  4. All servers are back and cheat can be used.
    Loader of server must get a restart!

    - Regards,

    Employee of Omniaim.net

  5. Last week
  6. Due the time I become one of the most people.
    [BANNED] The picture shows u that I am banned by overwatch which makes 0 sense since I haven't cheat one time on this account until now cuz it was my recording's account for my FaceIT 1 - 10.

    - unknown.png

    This is not hate to omniaim.net as a supporter/employee but just to care of our users!

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    2. xxxnull
    3. xxxnull


      omniaim will take update right?

    4. mysterybals


      i got false banned on an account where i opend cases all the time im sad i had my favorite ak neon rider :(


  7. Just to ask: Does any of our users having injecting problems when its injected that your (CSGO.exe) closes?

  8. I purchased the cheat for the life time price and was wondering how to redeem it
  9. Any hardware ID reset needed?
    Please create a DM with me and I'll forward your help to our administrators @Swagasaurus @NotChris @Tricky

    Please be patient!
    We're trying our best to create new updates with omniaim.net but since that we have also a rea life
    we're concentrating on that. - Thanks for understand everyone.

    A support employee do not have access threw https://omniaim.net/support/ Don't blaim me for no respond back.

    - Kind Regards,

    Employee of Omniaim.net

  10. Earlier
  11. I actually pooped in my pants, bye guys !

    1. JustAFlikker


      **For the young people**
      Don't take this serious, cuz u losing u'r mom.

    2. RedDemonz22
  12. So, anyone having issue's with injecting? 
    Let me know !

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    2. mysterybals
    3. StickyMan


      FAILED TO INITIATE A NETWORK CONNECTION i buy this cheat and i use 1 week because problems give me bonus days


    4. Roblocmanz


      This cheat has turned into a mess. Glad it ran out before all these errors

  13. Hi guys, how is everyone his day going?

    1. Spectr3


      can you check my suppor tticket? ❤️

    2. JustAFlikker


      Sorry, but I do not have permissions for the support-ticket, it seems like that I'm getting ignored by the admins here and there, but trying my best to getting access into it that I can do more support for you guys :) Hope @NotChris @Swagasaurus and @Tricky having a conversation soon :)

      - Regards

      Employee of Omniaim.net

  14. keremyldrr


    Hi, Can we be partnership with you, there is my channel you can check ? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGGKweDa-4p1JIYjrbKatAA/videos
  15. I only can mention for the users that I do not know any of the updates and if the developer is working hard to fixing it !

    1. RedDemonz22


      Works for me mate, idk why people are complaining 

    2. JustAFlikker


      I don't know myself, I am an active Supporter but not active cheat user, I ain't cheating myself officially, I am a Rank G player at ESEA and FaceIT: Level 8 now instead 10 ;( Sadly deranked, but not gonna pull my reputation off.

  16. hello today is big update for cs go the cheat is starting but when i want to join on tr or ct game is crashing yesterday was fine but today after cs go update dont work
  17. Cerealyy


    So I read about not being able to pay with pay-pal until further notice,but the was in august. So I dont know when I can pay with pay pal
  18. For those with expired subs please open a ticket with the title "Expired Sub" and send us a screenshot of your "Manage Purchases" page.
  19. For those with expired subs please open a ticket with the title "Expired Sub" and send us a screenshot of your "Manage Purchases" page.

    1. CheatyS


      nvm I just saw my ticket was marked as resolved without an answer I guess that's a no. (edited)

    2. MarcosMLS1


      What lifetime? i dont see here?

  20. Hi, my sub expried while i couldn't use the cheat. When are you going to give my time back?

    1. JustAFlikker


      Check the last update about "Expired sub"

  21. Read my ticket please! ❤️

    1. JustAFlikker


      Sorry sir, but I do not have permissions for the ticket system.

  22. nice omniaim thank you for scamming me.

  23. We are working on all subs, and we accept all respect and patient from our customers, excuse me and excuse us ! In the future we will make changes in our sub system and expiration. - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
  24. Hello man me hack expired while me account was froze can you help me no one answer me on support 

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    2. ToManTo


      I will hope it will resolve fast and i could play with them fast :) 


    3. ToManTo


      Bruh i know its hard but its already week that i didnt get me sub beacos it end when the accounts was frozed i want the hack beacos i cant ask for refund...

    4. JustAFlikker


      U got your back ;)

  25. Our cheat should we back and need to work for everyone. PS: Re-inject if u'r loader isn't working functional. Config(s) can be found or u can put your configs in %appdata% and folder: oa_configs - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
  26. Dear everyone, We are looking into the "Network connection" Issue, please be patient ! For people who sometimes have problems with our loader, I'll mention this to @Bubbles I'll suggest u for now, if our cheat is back with the network connection, we'll suggest you to re-inject your cheat ! Config(s) can be found or u can put your configs in %appdata% and folder: oa_configs - Regards JustAFlikker Employee of Omniaim.net
  27. Bruh im bad hvh

  28. Crash issue: We are aware of an intermittent crashing issue and it seems to be caused by various random and unrelated things. We are currently looking into it. If you are experiencing this issue please attempt to re-launch multiple times. In addition if someone could come forward with a short video of them injecting with the cheat crashing that would be extremely helpful.


    Lastly if your sub expired while they were frozen please let us know. We will be keeping them frozen for the next week while we iron out any bugs that may be present.

    - Team Omniaim

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    2. JustAFlikker


      @RedDemonz22 Create a ticket at https://omniaim.net/support and attach u'r pictures

    3. PeenSucker


      "Failed to initiate a network connection"

    4. RedDemonz22
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