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omni owns me and all

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  2. I just keep getting the same error I've downloaded every file I need too all 3 of them but my error reads "The code execution cnnot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program my fix this problem.
  3. in Inglish: I do not do this, I do not close and I did not delete anything ... it just closes, and it was after the update of 03/29/2019. What should I do?
  4. galera, meu cs go fecha sozinho, não aparece erro nem nada... apenas fecha, e foi após a atualização do dia 29/03/2019. O que devo fazer?
  5. how to fix this problem
  6. got it check ur manage purchases panel @Kosmetical
  7. i did it too but idk how to download it 😣
  8. did the survey dk if i received the hack or wut
  9. I bought the package and I can not download the loader
  10. my cheat is not working
  11. i try to buy the cheat with paysafecard and this message saws up This paysafecard PIN can not be used for payment at this online store. Here you will find more information about online stores, to which you can pay with this code. if someone can help me let me know
  12. hey i cant buy ur hack , it says "(2) wrong service"
  13. If you are good at editing hit me up
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